Education should be available and accessible to all students.

We can help make your content meet widely-recognized standards of accessibility to ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate equally in your course or program.


  • Consult with educators to determine needs and create a development plan.
  • Train clients and teams to learn basic accessibility tools and techniques.
  • Document accessibility needs for various educational programs and formats.


  • Apply industry standards of technical writing and accessibility to content.
  • Configure tables, images, and format text and files to meet accessibility criteria.
  • Create, edit and redesign content for online course sites and other web pages.
  • Prepare slides for studio or desktop capture, closed-captioning, and transcription.
  • Conduct procedures for captioning and transcribing recorded video presentations.

Review and Revision

  • Revise previously designed content to meet new accessibility standards.
  • Review existing educational materials to provide needs assessments or costs.
  • Review captioned or video transcripts for accuracy and quality.


  • Measure level of learning accessibility for existing courses and programs.
  • Assess planned educational programming and provide educational plan for needs.
  • Recommend accessibility changes within program limitations and budgets.
  • Keep clients current and aware of changing standards and industry trends.
  • Assist educators with selecting assistive technologies for learners with disabilities.