What We Do

These are our priority tactics that go into creating awareness, generating leads and turning those leads into successful applicants and students. We track our efforts carefully to show clients the value of each effort.


To increase awareness about your program and collect contact information for quality leads, we need to advertise. Our priority is on getting you measurable results. First, we work with our clients to set a budget and a reasonable goal, like increasing traffic to a site, increasing the number of leads or user engagement.  After we define the target audience, we make tactic recommendations, set up marketing metrics, monitor the results and adjust in real time. Most often, the ads we place aim to increase awareness and generate leads, and we rely on SEM to achieve these goals.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important and effective tactic to convert visitors on your website to leads that become quality students. Once a lead opts into communication from us, we add them to targeted, segmented email campaigns. The message in these email campaigns varies based on the academic cycle and program calendars, but we most often encourage leads to attend webinars or start applications. All emails are sent through our marketing platform, Marketing Cloud, which integrates into Salesforce. Email communication complies with the legal requirements outlined by the CAN-SPAM act.

Salesforce Reports and Dashboards

The college uses Salesforce as a customer relationship management tool, or CRM, to manage lead, applicant and student data. We use it track and monitor the most important data points for your leads and applicants. When someone fills out a form on our website opting into communication from the College of Pharmacy, the information they provide flows directly into Salesforce. We collect information from leads strategically so you can see the big picture of your program. Based on these fields, we run reports, create dashboards and work with you to define and project good enrollment numbers.

Social Media Campaigns

In collaboration with the college’s communications team, we strategically use the College of Pharmacy’s social media accounts to spread the word about enrollment deadlines and relevant events. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube to reach prospective students, current students and alumni.