SEO Services Outline

Our SEO services include more than just looking through your website and identifying problem areas.

Our SEO tactics include on-page optimization, such as a full content audit, off-page optimization to help build your site’s reputation, and technical SEO to ensure that your site is accessible, running great and on search engine radars. Combining these three tactics will ensure you are getting the best results.

Getting to Know You

As our client we want you to know your website is going to reflect you, and your organization. During our initial consultation (and throughout the process as a whole), we will take the time to understand what your organization does, your services and values it provides, and where you want your company to grow.

Researching Your Target Audience

We will assess who your target audience is and what that should mean for your website and its content and marketing strategies. Our team is here to learn how your current users engage with your site and identify where growth opportunities are.

Competitive Analysis

Part of our process is knowing who your competition is. When you compete for the top spots on search engine rankings, you aren’t competing randomly. You compete against organizations that have spent time and money optimizing their sites and keywords to rank in the same categories you want to. That’s where we come in to help navigate you to the path of success.

A Website Content Audit

Our team will do a thorough content audit of your site to identify problem areas and maximize your accessibility to users and search engines. A typical audit includes going through content for ROT content, reviewing structure and flow of navigation, page load times and checking all the internal pages, media and links.

Identifying Key Metrics

We use Google Analytics to monitor key performance of your site. This helps us generate baseline reports of how the website is doing, and where it has the potential to improve. Through metrics we can set measurable goals and timelines to meet.

Website Maintenance

Website’s are never truly finished, they require constant maintenance and updates to stay at the top. If you wish to partner with us, we can provide continuous website maintenance to ensure your site is always up-to-date and running optimally.