SEM Services Outline

Part of our SEO services will include setting up an SEM plan to help advertise your business and deliver the results you are seeking. Using traditional and digital marketing strategies, we can develop a marketing plan aimed at building leads and conversions into your program.

Establish Keywords

Establishing the right set of keywords will be a crucial part to your website’s performance. We will conduct a keyword search and identify the relevant keywords to your site. These will help with with having the right content for so search engines can find and index the site, but also to help point marketing efforts in the right direction.

Competitor and SERP Review

Our team will identify and examine other organization’s competing for the same target audience and relative keywords, in order to optimize marketing efforts. Unlike the competitive analysis, this review will identify where ads and marketing efforts need to be improved and promoted.

Establish Goals

We want to know what a reasonable and attainable goal is for your organization (e.g. increased traffic to your site, more user engagement, or an increase of enrollments into a program). We can set up marketing metrics and monitor these goals on our end to see how they actually perform and where to adjust.

Ads & Awareness Plan

A big part to SEM is pushing for awareness of your organization’s website. Our team is ready to tackle your traditional and digital marketing needs. Through paid ads, emails, online campaigns and social media content we can help get your organization on your target audience’s radar and meet planned goals.

Review, Revise, Re-marketing

Once both the SEO and SEM plans are in motion we will meet with you to see what is working, and what can be improved moving forward. We can also help to re-market your site and get visitors back and interested.