Paid Advertising: US News & World Report

In 2022 the marketing team launched US News & World Report ads to promote the Pharm.D. program front and centered in front prospective students.

US News & World Report Ads

Pursue Greatness at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy

Can you picture yourself at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, joining the next generation of pharmacist as they learn to be leaders pharmacy practice and science? Well, that's what we hope our US News & World Report ads are conveying to prospective students.

US News Ad Example

US News & World Report is one of the leading ranking and college comparison outlets amongst universities. We bought ads to run across the site as a whole, but also to corner the marketing on the University of Florida’s specific landing page so no other advertisers could promote their programs while prospective students were browsing UF’s page. This allowed us to remain at the forefront of the page, and provided easy access to those interested in the Pharm.D. program to click an ad and be taken to the content that interests them.

Ads Examples

webinar ad
header ad
Picture Yourself Ad
Pursue Greatness Ad
Pursue Greatness Ad